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Recovery Update features the most recent articles from throughout the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Stay up to date on all the latest mental health news through this weekly newsletter.

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Recovery Update features the most recent articles from throughout the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. Stay up to date on all the latest mental health news through this weekly newsletter.

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Gov. Kathy Hochul said she's making mental health a priority in New York. Hochul announced a $1 billion investment to improve access to mental health care Thursday at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx. The governor said there's a huge need for psychiatric beds, in particular.
NYAPRS Note: True to her word, Governor Hochul's 2023-24 budget proposal includes an historic and comprehensive investment in mental health services. We are very pleased and excited to see the Governor's strong support for a number of longtime NYAPRS member priorities that are included here: housing, employment, criminal justice reforms, crisis and outpatient services.
N.A.P.S (National Association of Peer Specialists) mission is to grow the peer support profession by promoting the inclusion of peer specialist throughout healthcare and community system in the U.S. Click the "learn more" to get more information and resources from N.A.P.S.
Over six hours Friday, lawmakers discussed ways to improve the KanCare system. Many of the issues sounded familiar, with residents across the state repeating concerns about disability waivers, long waitlists to receive care and workforce shortages. During the hearing, Kansans asked members of the Robert G. Bethell Joint Committee on Home and Community Based Services and KanCare Oversight for system reform.
It should be no surprise to anyone that our young people are going through a lot right now. In just the past few years, they've had to navigate the isolation of the pandemic and learn remotely, they've had to deal with the effects of climate change, they've witnessed police brutality and a rise in other violent acts, like mass shootings.
A multi-million-dollar grant tries to fix a shortage of mental health professionals in rural Oklahoma schools. Researchers at the University of Oklahoma are leading this effort. They want to train 64 behavior analysts, counselors and social workers who will work with and inside schools in rural parts of the state.
The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has approved an updated mental health plan utilizing $28 million in mental health funding — and local experts say the new measure, passed Jan. 24, has the potential to address a lack of mental health services in Sonoma Valley. The funding comes from Proposition 63, a statewide personal tax surcharge of 1% on incomes over $1 million, which is earmarked for county mental health services expansion and funding.
Many people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder had their lives derailed last fall. In mid-October, the Food and Drug Administration announced a shortage of Adderall, a common stimulant used to treat ADHD. Adderall is comprised of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, two central nervous stimulants that improve focus and increase dopamine in the brain.
A New York City directive allowing first responders to enforce a state law that allows them to potentially involuntarily commit people experiencing a mental health crisis can proceed after facing legal challenges by mental health advocates, a judge has ruled. The ruling, issued Monday by U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty in the Southern District of New York, denied a motion brought by individuals and mental health organizations in December.
This year, the marking of Lunar New Year was marred by yet another tragic mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, which was closely followed by a second mass shooting in Half Moon Bay, California. Many, but not all, of the victims of both shootings were Asian, as were the perpetrators. These shootings occurred against the backdrop of rising racism and discrimination and hate crimes against Asian people amidst the pandemic.
Barbara H. Stanley, a psychologist and researcher who developed a simple, effective tool for suicide prevention, died on Wednesday in a hospice in Scotch Plains, N.J. She was 73. Her daughter, Melissa Morris, said the cause was ovarian cancer. Dr. Stanley, a professor of psychology at Columbia University and the director of suicide prevention training at New York State Psychiatric Institute, helped propel a major shift in the field of mental health as researchers began to view suicide as a distinct problem that could be directly addressed, rather than as a symptom of another disorder.
A cyberattack caused a nearly daylong outage of the nation's new 988 mental health helpline late last year, federal officials told The Associated Press Friday. Lawmakers are now calling for the federal agency that oversees the program to prevent future attacks. "On Dec. 1, the voice calling functionality of the 988 Lifeline was rendered unavailable as a result of a cybersecurity incident," Danielle Bennett, a spokeswoman for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, said in an email.
For at least 60 years, technologists have hunted for a mental health holy grail: A computer that listens to our problems and helps us. We keep failing at making an artificial-intelligence Sigmund Freud, and there is both value and risk in leaning on technology to improve our mental well-being. Let's talk it over. (Imagine me saying that in my most cliched therapist voice.)
Public school districts that received a windfall of COVID relief funds for mental health services are confronting a new dilemma: How to sustain counseling, screenings, teletherapy and other programs when the money runs out.
The Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART™) brain health training protocol has been shown to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress when delivered in person. New research from Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas demonstrates the effectiveness of online delivery of SMART.