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PRA is the preeminent association for the development, support, and dissemination of knowledge about the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery.

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PRA, an international, interdisciplinary community, is focused on growing and training the recovery workforce, a key element of helping to deliver improved mental and behavioral health outcomes. PRA believes that the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation leads to recovery, and thus is committed to the growth of psychiatric rehabilitation in both quantity and quality, and to the universal availability of state-of-the-art psychiatric rehabilitation services for all individuals with mental illness who seek such services.

PRA serves as the global focal point for people and organizations involved in psychiatric rehabilitation – from practitioner to CEO, academic to government, for profit and nonprofit, with values informed by lived, learned, and multicultural experience. PRA has a robust suite of training and learning opportunities, multiple credentialing tracks, and in-person, as well as virtual engagement opportunities for persons and organizations of differing geography, culture, education, and life experience.

PRA is committed to advancing a worldwide movement focused on consumer wellness and recovery, a central element of advancing the state and quality of mental and behavioral healthcare, through:  

  • Growing and training the recovery workforce across the world through knowledge, education and training, and certification
  • Advocating for policies to advance the psychiatric rehabilitation profession
  • Connecting the psychiatric rehabilitation community to share knowledge and ideas
  • Celebrating and recognizing the people and organizations that make a difference in the psychiatric rehabilitation community

PRA offers members a wide range of high-value benefits and provides the community a series of activities to drive our industry forward:

Training & Education
PRA is committed to growing and training the recovery workforce around the world, a key element of helping to deliver improved mental and behavioral health outcomes. Through the Academy for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery, an enhanced professional development training center, PRA connects great ideas with great people and provides exceptional learning opportunities to enhance every aspect of your professional development.

PRA offers opportunities for psychiatric rehabilitation professionals to enhance their professional status by earning the CPRP and/or CFRP credentials.

Knowledge Center
The Knowledge Center provides resources to inform and improve the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation. From the practical models and samples and tip-rich e-newsletters to more in-depth articles and case studies, we’ve tried to provide the variety of resources you need to succeed.

PRA helps educate the Administration, Members of Congress and governmental agencies on the concepts of recovery, the benefits of community integration, and the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation to ensure federal laws, regulations, and funding support recovery-oriented practices, eliminate discrimination and stigma, and improve the delivery of mental health services.

Career Center
The Career Center connects people with career opportunities in the recovery workforce and allows organizations to find talented individuals to fill their related positions.

Engage with colleagues in the field to share knowledge and ideas by participating in PRA Committees and networking with a state chapter.

Awards & Recognition
PRA celebrates and recognizes the people and organizations that make a difference in the psychiatric rehabiliation community through the Awards of Distinction and Dincin Fellowship Program. Click here to view past recipients.