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Academy for Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery

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The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Community

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the Academy for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery work together to grow and train the recovery workforce while promoting wellness and recovery. Our goal is to provide information and resources to improve the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation.



PRA is the premier source of learning, knowledge, and research for the psychiatric rehabilitation profession and provides resources, education, ideas, and advocacy to enhance the power and performance of the recovery workforce. PRA represents over 1,300 individual and organizational members, representing 8,000 psychiatric rehabilitation professionals. Ready to become a member? Click here!


About PRA and PRF

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) is the premiere membership organization for the worldwide recovery workforce, advocating for the field on the Federal and State level here in the US, certifying professional expertise in psychiatric rehabilitation (with the CPRP and/or CFRP credentials), and providing a local community for those in the workforce through component relations (state chapters and affiliates).

Promoting wellness and recovery through research, education, and training is at the heart of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation (PRF). PRF works tirelessly to ensure that psychiatric rehabilitation professionals are at the forefront with innovative solutions to manage the challenges and opportunities of the future, extending the impact of their work. PRF expands training and education activities delivered through the Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery and current and evolving programs and activities, including scholarships, research, grants, and public outreach.

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