Child and Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP)

The Certified Child and Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP) is a test-based certification that fosters the growth of a qualified, ethical, and culturally diverse child and family psychiatric rehabilitation workforce through enforcement of a practitioner code of ethics. CFRPs may be individuals with PhDs to GEDs, occupational therapists to teachers, social workers to caseworkers and so many more, all of whom share a commitment to the fundamental principle that children are resilient.

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The CFRP credential verifies that you have met rigorous standards.

Many PRA members have long recognized the value of the core principles of psychiatric rehabilitation in assisting children with emotional and behavioral challenges to live successful, meaningful lives in their community. Appropriate psychiatric rehabilitation interventions introduced during childhood can help to prevent disability in adulthood. As states across the nation and around the world become increasingly aware of how the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation benefit these children, PRA is setting the standard for effective practices in the field. In 2009, PRA began offering its Certificate in Children’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation, an intense learning opportunity for practitioners. Now, PRA is please to offer the first evidence-based certification  examination for the use of psychiatric rehabilitation in this unique population.  Please note: the Children's Certificate is no longer recognized by PRA, and participants must transition to the CFRP in order to be considered "current" and recognized by PRA.

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To earn the CFRP you must meet strict requirements in academia, children’s psychiatric rehabilitation/resilience work experience and professional development/qualifying training hours. The credential culminates with the successful completion of the CFRP Exam – a rigorous test of knowledge and skill and adherence to the PRA Code of Ethics. All of these demonstrate you dedication to the field, and to the promise of resiliency and recovery.

By earning the CFRP credential practitioners who work with young children or transition-aged youth (under age 18) will demonstrate professional competency in Children’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

The Certified Child and Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP) credential is a formal test-based certification program designed to test the knowledge and skills of practitioners, and determine the competency of practitioners working within the children’s mental health system. The CFRP credential fosters the growth of a qualified, ethical, and culturally diverse psychiatric rehabilitation workforce through enforcement of a practitioner code of ethics.

The CFRP exam focuses on EIGHT essential competency areas (domains) of children’s psychiatric rehabilitation:

     I.  Interpersonal Competencies
    II.  Professional Role Competencies
    III.  Community Integration
    IV. Assessment, Planning, and Outcomes
    V.   Strategies for Facilitating Recovery
    VI. Systems Competencies
    VII. Supporting Health and Wellness
    VIII. Transition-Age Youth Services

Children's Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CCPR) Participants:

Please note: PRA no longer recognizes the Children's Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and the Child and Family Resiliency Pracitioner (CFRP) credential is the sole designation recognized by PRA to qualify CBRS Practitioners to provide services to children/youth and their families.