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January 8, 2017

Casey Goldberg

With the advent of the new Child and Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP) certification that launched in 2016, We are excited to highlight some of the 2017 training opportunities that will benefit the children and youth workforce specifically. At this years Summit, we will open our CFPR Exam Prep course for individuals interested in sitting for the CFRP within the next 4-6 months. Additionally, we will host a 3 hour pre-conference institute titled “Emergind Practices for Emerging Adults.” This engaging and interactive session will be offered by Wayne Munchel, LCSW who has done a number of successful webinars with PRA over the past several months.  This session will focus on ley components of effective TAY services that will enable participants to evaluate strengths, and identify ""improvables".  The 5 components of effective TAY services include: Trauma Informed Care capacity – recognizing the pervasive and profound impacts of trauma on TAY and how to effectively address them; Engagement Strategies –building relationships with TAY through social media, expressive arts and Peer Supporters; Supported Education and Employment –  improving outcomes in these critical areas to divert youth from lifetimes of poverty, disability and marginalization, and; Early Intervention Psychosis – overcoming the widespread hopelessness and helplessness  of providers and youth experiencing psychosis. 

Woven throughout the Summit, participants will find topics that build on and support the evidence presented in Wayne’s pre-conference session. 

  1. Eval Jam Session for TAY Service Providers
    Presented by Michelle Wiley, CPRP
  2. Utilizing Website Building to Develop Transition Readiness and Self-Advocacy with Youth
    Presented by David Merlo, CPRP and Sharon Cavanaugh
  3. Avoiding Social Security Enrollment Ffor Transition-Age Youth & Young Adults: Preventing "System Effects"
    Presented by Michelle Mullen and Crystal Blyler
  4. HYPE: Engaging Youth in the Development, Creation and Refinement of Innovative Services
    Presented by Katie Holloway, Tamisha Macklin, Jessica Gimeno, Rachel Stone and Michelle Mullen